About Gotaleden

Gotaleden, Gothenburg - Alingsås is inaugurated on June 14, 2019. The trail has been created by the initiator Hans Svensson, who made the trail an enjoyable experience walk.

Gotaleden is a hiking trail consisting of 9 stages and offers a total of 71 km of scenic and varied hiking. The trail extends from Kungsportsplatsen in Gothenburg to Lilla Torget in Alingsås. The trail is bi-directional and you can easily reach the various stages from commuter train stations along the route. Gotaleden is an enjoyable hiking trail where you can enjoy coffee, eat and live comfortably in several places and experience sights. The trail passes some smaller towns but goes mainly in forest and nature. Along the joints there are easier camp sites and wind shelters. Gotaleden is marked with blue ledge on trees or poles.